Covid-19 and Telehealth

The Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving. Mindscape Health Services is committed to the health and wellbeing of our clients. We are therefore adapting our services to provide ongoing access to psychotherapy for clients during the COVID-19 virus period. 

Telehealth (web-based video link) and telephone services are now available.  ‘In person’ sessions will continue with additional precautions to maintain a healthy environment, as long as is indicated as safe by government advice. 

Funding options for telehealth and telephone services are:

  1. Clients with a valid care plan who meet Medicare’s eligibility criteria for telehealth or telephone services (see below) will be bulk billed. 
  2. All other clients are able to self fund ($185/session) if they wish to use telehealth/telephone services rather than attend ‘in person’ sessions.  Some private health funds may provide rebates for these services.  Please check with your health fund for details. 

Medicare eligibility (as of 13th March 2020)

In response to the COVID-19 virus, Medicare has implemented short-term service options for eligible patients to access psychology sessions via web-based video link (telehealth) or telephone. 

Clients are eligible for bulk billed telehealth and telephone items if the you have a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan or shared care plan and meet one of the following criteria:

  • the person has been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus but who is not a patient of a hospital; or
  • the person has been required to isolate themselves in quarantine in accordance with home isolation guidance issued by Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC); or
  • the person is considered more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus being a person who is:
    • at least 70 years old; or
    • at least 50 years old and is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; or
    • is pregnant; or
    • is a parent of a child under 12 months; or
    • is already under treatment for chronic health conditions or is immune compromised; or
    • the person meets the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection.

If you think this service is appropriate for you, please call Kate on 0479 157 194 to discuss. 

How does this service work?

For new and existing clients, I will need to collect some information from you to be able to provide this service.  I will provide you with a form and consent form (a revised consent form for existing client) about the telehealth and telephone services.  Please complete the form and return to me before our session. 

We will book an appointment and discuss how to operate the online platform for your appointment if this system is new for you.  At the time of your appointment, I will contact you via our agreed online platform.  If there are technical issues, we can use the telephone as a backup. 


Please choose the location for your telehealth (video link) or telephone session carefully. 

Please consider choosing:

  • A place where you are not likely to be distracted or interrupted. It’s important to avoid distractions during the consultation, so please remember to turn off phones or other devices not involved in the provision of the service, and to choose a location that has minimal noise disturbance. 
  • An environment where the conversation with your psychologist cannot be overheard by others
  • An environment that has good lighting so that your psychologist will have clear vision of you.
  • Allowing yourself, when possible, a brief period of quiet time after the session before you return to your usual tasks


For patients meeting the Medicare eligibility criteria above, sessions will be bulk billed, as a requirement of Medicare.  If you do not meet these criteria but want to access telephone or telehealth sessions, the fee arrangement is the same as a usual session ($185).  Some private health insurers will cover telehealth sessions.  Please contact your provider check if this is covered or for more information. 

Please be aware that you are responsible for any costs incurred in relation to the provision of your own software, hardware and data usage associated with this telehealth service.

Use of therapy session materials

I will not make recordings of our sessions or use material from our sessions for purposes other than delivering a service to you.

I will ask you to respect my privacy by agreeing not to make recordings of our sessions and not to use materials from our sessions for purposes other than therapy. If you wish to record sessions or use session material for other purposes, you must seek my consent to do so.

Please contact for more information….

Please call Kate on 0479 157 194. 

Other useful information Covid-19 is evolving. For the latest information please visit