Mindscape is an experienced clinical psychology practice located in Kew, specialising in providing assistance to adults with issues such as :

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Behaviour change
  • Grief and loss
  • Self-esteem
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain
  • Living with chronic illness

We are passionate about providing high quality, compassionate, practical and evidence-based services to clients.

Why see a Psychologist at Mindscape ?

People can feel challenged by demands in their life and this can lead to more serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic, exhaustion or exacerbate physical health complaints. In a one-year period, around one in five Australian adults will experience a mental health issue such as an anxiety, mood or substance abuse disorders*

At Mindscape we use evidence-based treatments to help our clients to make positive changes.   Our specialist clinical psychologists are experienced in assessing how people think, feel and behave and to apply this knowledge to help people to prevent problems, understand and sometimes make changes to improve quality of life.   We aim to help assist you to identify and develop your own personal resources and abilities.  This can help you to see your circumstances from a new perspective, bring about change and/or find ways of coping more effectively. 

* Reference: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [AIHW]. (2016). Australian Burden of Disease Study: Impact and causes of illness and death in Australia 2011. Australian Burden of Disease Study series no. 3. BOD 1. Canberra.